Thursday, February 21, 2013

My Son Is Very Religious

Every night before Palmer goes to bed, we say a prayer that I grew up saying.  It starts like this, "Now I lay me down to sleep..."

Palmer is at the point where he might mumble a few words throughout the prayer but we mostly focus on putting his hands together and closing his eyes.  Palmer's favorite part is the end where he is always sure to give a rousing "AAAAMMMEN!!"

Palmer typically doesn't go to church because he hasn't quite mastered the "sitting down and being quiet" skillset needed for sitting in a pew.  But on Ash Wednesday, our church held a special family service for the wee kids.

When it came time to pray, I told Palmer, "Okay, it's time to pray.  Remember, we close our eyes and put our hands together like this."

Well, I think Palmer thought the prayer was going on for too long because Palmer interrupted the pastor and the rest of the congregation mid-prayer with a loud, "AAAAMMMEN!!"

That's okay, Palmer.  I kinda agreed it was time to wrap it up, too.


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