Monday, February 4, 2013

Sweet Cousins

We had the pleasure of keeping our delightful niece, Elle, over the weekend so that Palmer and Elle could have some cousin bonding time.

We went to the lake to celebrate Pops' 60th birthday and the two kids were inseparable during their outdoors exploration.
First stop: the tree house swing.  The kids are oblivious to the amazing tree house above the swing, but I have no doubt that they will discover it in a very few short years.
Rick and I were remarking at how much the two kids interact with each other now that they are older.  They are 15 months apart and there couldn't be a sweeter sound than the two of them giggling together.

They found this old air hose and thought it was such a fun toy with which to run around. Some kids like cardboard boxes.  Mine likes an air hose.  I'll make sure to pack those expensive toys and send them back to the stores.
Checking out the dock.
 Back in Dallas, we took the kids to the Perot museum.
By the way, I highly recommend the museum membership for the sole privilege of attendance during the "members-only" hours on the weekends.  The museum's popularity is plagued by terribly packed crowds, but during the "members-only" time slot we practically had the place to ourselves.  So so worth it.

Just Palmer and Elle and the Alamosaurus hanging out.  Good thing that dinosaur is a vegetarian or the kids would so be a snack.
When there is nobody at the museum, you can plop down in the hallway and watch one of the videos.
We had a ball with Elle during her visit and can't wait to have her again.  The difference between the two personalities is hilarious.   We ate churros for dessert and Palmer went all in and relished every minute of his sugar and caramel covered face and hands.  Elle wanted me to wipe her hands the minute she had a speck of sugar on them. 
 I love that girl.

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