Friday, March 15, 2013

Cabo, Part 1

After a pretty intense round of work for Rick at the end of last year, we decided that a family vacation was on tap for the three of us.

Because of Cabo, Mexico's direct 2.5 hour flight and minimal change in time zone, we settled on the Mexican resort town for our getaway.  
Although our time away was lovely, I'm afraid Palmer's more quick to tell you about his time at the airport.  What's not to love about a one-stop location for trains, planes, buses, and "golf carts" (luggage carts)??
Nevertheless, Palmer did great on the plane (and Rick vowed we would never travel Mr. Squirm as a lap child again!), but refused to sleep.  

We rented a private home on the beach of the Palmilla community.  It was wonderful to have our own kitchen stocked with groceries for the week.  Once we settled into our home away from home, Palmer slept the afternoon away in style to the sound of the waves.
I put Palmer in swimming lessons earlier this year and was pleased to see Palmer's comfort level in the pool exceed last summer's.  There was a heated pool down the street from our house and Rick especially liked to swim laps in it.
 I picked up a few water guns at the dollar store before we left.  Palmer thought the squirters were so hilarious.  Even better- he doesn't get that you are supposed to spray other people and had a ball spraying his OWN face.  Perfect.  I wonder how long that will last...
Our home was next door to the posh One and Only Palmilla Resort where we had dinner one night.  The locals couldn't get enough of our curly blonde hair kid greeting everyone with "Hola!" and "Adios" during our dinner outing.
The beach air did wonders to little man's curls!
More to come from Cabo...

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