Thursday, March 28, 2013

Second Birthday Par-Tee

(Not to be confused with the "First Birthday Paw-Ty".  No, I don't like plays on words.  Not one bit.)
Our little man is two and we celebrated in style over the weekend at the golf club.
Palmer has been talking for weeks about his "golf birthday party" and was so excited that it was finally here, complete with family from all over in town for the festivities.

Aunt Samantha at the wheel for the "golf cart rides":
After such beautiful weather in Texas the last few weeks, we got hit with a cold snap just in time for the party.  Although it was a sunny day, the temps were quite brisk and we had to move the party somewhat inside.

Here's the empty patio where we were supposed to be:
Instead, we moved the bounce house and putting holes/whiffle balls into a ballroom.  From these faces, I think everyone still had fun.
The decorations...

By the way, the little flags above inspired a recent Dallas Moms Blog post about life's priorities.

"Arnold Palmer's" to drink.  No, I did not worry about giving children the caffeine from the tea.  Don't you people know about themes?
My favorite detail from the party were the cupcakes in jars, an absolute labor of love from my sister's friend, Alessandra.  Alessandra has confessed her affinity for baking before and said she would love to bake as a job, instead of a hobby, if she could make the numbers work. I brought her on for Palmer's party and the end result far exceeded my wildest dreams.  She even hand-made the golf balls out of modeling white chocolate.  Look Alessandra up if you ever have a fun baking idea.
Cake time!
 Happy Birthday, Palmer.  Thanks to all of our friends and family for loving our boy as much as we do.

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