Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Cabo, Part 2

Our visit to Cabo was Palmer's first encounter with sand, other than a recent trip to a neighborhood hangout called The LOT, and absolute first time to see a beach.

I'd heard kids either love or hate the sand experience.
Palmer falls into the fan category and enjoyed running around on the beach and throwing the sand up in the air.
Or doing somersaults, which made washing his hair later that night oh so fun.
Palmer made some friends one morning for sand castles.  Although I use the term "friend" loosely as Palmer liked to mess up the castle creations of others more than make his own.  Oops.
We stuck to ourselves on another day and had fun filling the buckets with water and sand.
One of the biggest safety concerns in Cabo is the dangerous riptides from the ocean.  Rick and I let Palmer carefully wade into the water only up to his knees and one of us always had our hands tight around him each time.
Nevertheless, Palmer found the water from the waves hilarious each time they rolled up to him.
 More to come from Cabo...


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