Thursday, April 4, 2013


We started off Easter morning with Palmer's first legit loot in the Easter basket.  My personal favorite item was the amazing find of marshmallows meant to go in your cereal.  Palmer+cereal+marshmallows=heaven.
This year, we opted to avoid the Easter madness of our regular church and attend the nearby satellite church instead.
It was a great service and we were all delighted to be greeted by a mariachi band(?!?) on our way out.
Rick's mom and sister and our niece joined us after church for brunch at the club.  We all left full and happy.

Obligatory Easter family photos:
 Nana with her grandkids:
 Gena with Rick and Amanda:
 I adore these two photos of Rick and Palmer:

As I've mentioned in prior years, Easter has become such a fun holiday because of our neighborhood's afternoon parade and party.  This year, we fretted about the forecasted rain and hoped to not repeat last year's downpour.

The skies cooperated and we ended up having a gorgeous afternoon for the eccentric parade and neighborhood lawn parties.
Note the sucker in Palmer's hand.  Every time I turned around, Palmer had helped himself to more candy during the day.
Scott Taylor manages to outdo himself every year with an amazing float for the parade.  You may remember his Macy's-style balloons in year's past.
This year, he has an adorable two-month-old baby girl and still managed to create a gigantic Peep for the parade.

Here's Scott with his gorgeous family.  We are all wondering what he will do with the Peep after the parade, but Brooke mentioned something about turning the float into attic insulation after the holiday.
Palmer got to ride on the float for the parade.

I don't know about you, but when I think of Easter, I think of grilling hamburgers and swimming outside.  Well, maybe not.  But, this year, we made besties with our new neighbors with a pool.  Score for the Jordans when we spent the evening swimming and grilling out.
 I'm in love with little Miss Charlotte.
Happy Easter!


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