Monday, April 22, 2013

Time for Picnics

Life is a journey where you are allowed to choose different roads along the way.  That's how I view where I am today.

As I've mentioned before, Rick works long hours and his career requires a lot of devotion.  Up until recently, I was working near full-time and we found our family life to be stressful and not necessarily satisfying.

After careful consideration, we made the family decision for me to take somewhat of a break from work.  I am still freelancing from time to time.  (In fact, I spent part of last week working for NBC (Today Show, Nightly News, and MSNBC) in West, TX for the fertilizer plant explosion.)

Matt Lauer for a few quick hours in West before he was whisked up to Boston for the breaking arrest:

I am also doing some writing, consulting work with some corporate clients, and a few other paid projects.  And we have an investment project in the works that I will write about on another day...

But, the end goal is to work a little to satisfy my brain and spend the rest of the time concentrating on our young family.

The result has been better than I could've imagined.  If you asked me a few years ago if I would enjoy staying at home, my answer would've probably been no.  Instead, we've found our family balance to be harmonious with this new schedule change.

And how could you not want to hang out with this ham?!?
My favorite part?  We've found time for fun things like picnics.

On one random weeknight recently, I told Rick that if he got home by 7pm, I had a surprise for him.  We quickly ushered out the door after he arrived to enjoy the natural beauty of a nearby lake for a picnic dinner.  These are the things I could not do when running around like a chicken with my head cut off.
I know each family finds their own perfect balance.  For us, this decision is working at this particular time in our life.  And the good news is, we aren't tied to anything.  You get to choose a new road on any given day.


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