Monday, April 15, 2013

Food Finds

I've been crushing on a few favorite food finds lately and wanted to share the goodies.

1.  EMPORIUM PIES: If you haven't checked out the Oak Cliff pie shop in the Bishop Arts district (Dallas), get in your car right now.  The presentation of individual slices is adorable as seen below, but the flavors will make you stop in your tracks.  I love the adventurous flavor combos like red velvet chess pie and bourbon pecan.

2.  MONTE BENE VODKA SAUCE:  I know the photo below of an empty jar isn't too appealing, but after I tried this sauce I just had to snap a picture to make sure to remember to purchase this jar again.  The ingredients are natural, with no sugar added unlike too many jarred tomato sauces, and I love the touch of cream as a way to kick up a typical pasta sauce.  I've seen this brand at Whole Foods.

3.  EASTER BREAD OF THE ALPS: Given that Easter has passed, this heads up doesn't help you too much.  But next year, be sure to look for the sweet Easter Bread at Central Market.  I get excited every year when I see the bread out in a bin.  It's airy and a little lemony and oh so delicious with a little cream cheese or just by itself.

4.  COOKWELL & COMPANY:  My friend Justin tipped me off to the greatness of Cookwell & Company.  For those nights when you need a very fast and easy meal, check out the company's tortilla soup in a jar and green chili in a jar.  The tortilla soup is a ready meal when combined with a shredded rotisserie chicken and we've had the chili on the table after browning some ground turkey (or beef) and onions and adding them to the jar.  So yummy, so easy, and again, completely natural ingredients.  You can find both products at Central Market.

5.  OZERY MORNING ROUNDS: I love these adorable little round breads because they are made with absolutely no artificial ingredients and have large chunks of fruit and grains.  The thin buns are perfect for petite peanut butter sandwiches and we like the orange-cranberry and muesli flavors.  Whole Foods sells this bread.

6.  OVERNIGHT OATS: I made a batch of these for upcoming breakfasts in less than 10 minutes.  It was super easy to combine rolled oats, plain Greek yogurt, skim milk, fruit, flax seeds, and honey for an easy grab and go breakfast.  For flavor combos and recipes, click here.

Happy munching!


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