Thursday, May 16, 2013

Playing in the Yard

One of the beauties of my new schedule is more afternoons outside in our yard with neighborhood friends.
As I so regularly brag, I love my neighborhood.  Period.  There are so many young families with kids playing outside.
We knew it wouldn't take Palmer too long to realize the amazingness of two cute twin girls living next door.  Palmer has so much fun with our three-year-old neighbors, Lily and Kate.
He regularly yells from our backyard, "GIRLS!  Do you want to play with me??"
Luckily, their mom said the feeling is mutual and they have been spying on our yard from their window to see if Palmer is outside.

The twins' mom and I split this amazing roller coaster for fun outdoor playtime.
We're trying to bask in the wonderful weather as long as possible before the century temps kick in.

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