Thursday, September 19, 2013

Palmer's iPhone

No, calm down.  I didn't get a two-year-old an iPhone.  But, it's so funny to observe how this new generation is completely accustomed to having answers and photos at their fingertips.

What am I talking about?

Lately, Palmer has been using his imaginary iPhone as a way to tell me a story.  For example, one night Palmer recounted a car accident we saw on the way to school about three days before.  Then he held up his pretend phone and said, "Look, Mommy.  See the ambulance?  Look, right here."

And another day, Palmer wanted me to take him to the car wash (a very typical request). I told him it wasn't open right now.  Again, he pulled out his imaginary phone and "looked" at it and said, "No, it says it's open right now."

Oh boy.  This kid is getting kinda smart.  I'm so in for it.


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