Monday, September 23, 2013

Sunday School

This fall, Palmer reached the age at church where he transitions from nursery childcare on Sunday mornings to "real" Sunday School with Bible stories, etc.

A few friends and I got suckered into teaching Palmer's class once a month.

Some tales from our fearless first Sunday of teaching...

1.  Girls and boys are very different.

See these sweet angels coloring?
Now see the boys opting for a "biblical" wrestling match? Let's act like they were reenacting Jacob wrestling with an angel.  Mmkay?
2.  The worst of the kids were our own.  I think the other kids were scared of us teachers.  Meanwhile, my son went to time out.  More than once.  The other teacher's son was similarly "enthusiastic".

3.  But, more importantly: I love our community at the church.  Sunday School seemed to be the turning point for the community we've been building for Palmer over the last two years.  Our class was filled with mostly kids from Palmer's playgroup and we saw a bunch of kids from Palmer's weekday classes.  I love that we are already building a network for Palmer to grow within.  It takes a village and I have come to love so many of the parents and children that will shape Palmer during his formative years.

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