Monday, October 21, 2013

Fall (In Spirit)

As mentioned last week, I spent the beginning of this month sick in bed.

As typical for each season, I had ambitious plans for my favorite Texas season, the fall.  However, those activities quickly went out the door when I battled sickness after sickness.

Thank goodness for family to pick up the slack.

Although Rick and I didn't make it out to the fair this year with Palmer, our little guy had a ball with Grampi and Grammi.
Despite the weather being particularly dreary and drizzly, Grampi and Grammi reported back that Palmer loved all of the rides (no surprise) and they couldn't believe his lack of fear.

Rick and I got a kick out of his ride choices: the race car and the motorcycle.  Typical.
Palmer also had the choice to eat anything he wanted at the fair.  What did he pick?  French fries!  In fact, the french fries were such a hit that he forewent the petting zoo when he learned you have to dispose of your food at the door.  Priorities, people.

On another day, Gram and Paw Paw saved the day with a trip to the pumpkin patch.   I tagged along, but was afforded the luxury of mostly sitting while Gram and Paw Paw did the chasing.

Decisive like his mom, Palmer quickly picked out one of the first pumpkins he saw:
This particular patch was so cute with tractor rides, hay rides, and a playground.
Me and my boy:

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