Thursday, October 17, 2013

Jordan Shutdown

Sorry for the quiet front on the Jordan Journeys.  While the government shut down, so did the Jordan household with a stomach bug and then what I will self-diagnose as the flu.

We've had a lot of inside playing time. (See this week's Wordless Wednesday photo of a fort Palmer built one morning.  I think he fit every possible toy into that fort and then had a hard time finding space for his own body inside the structure!)

We've also spent a little too much time in front of the TV with Palmer's BFF, Curious George, or "George Monkey" as he is known around here.  I'm probably not going to get mom of the month for October, but oh well.

What's new?

1. Palmer is 2.5.  We celebrated with half a cake and his traditional elephant photo.
Here's a year ago:

2. I just had to share this artwork from school.  
Typically, the art Palmer comes home with at this age is cute, but not necessarily a reflection of Palmer.  I just love Palmer's new teacher and her initiative to push the kids to be independent thinkers.  Miss Clarissa set out an empty house for each student and a bunch of magazine cut-outs of items you might find in a house.  Each child picked out his or her own items to put in their house.
If you know Palmer, his choices were so spot-on and I found them to be hilarious.  He LOVES quacamole, his step stool, race cars, and our key rack by the back door.  All items were included in his home.

3.  When we have felt well enough to venture outside, there is usually a party on our street from about 4:30pm-6:30pm.  I just love the families on my block.  Us adults catch up on a picnic blanket while all of the kids literally run up and down the block in each other's front yards.  
Here's to health and wellness in the future weeks!


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