Saturday, April 19, 2014

Easter Egg Hunts

This year was a definite improvement in maturity from last year's egg hunts.  Last year, Palmer didn't fill his basket very full because he usually stopped and sat down to eat the first egg he found.

This year, we are seeing a competitive spirit in the little boy and his baskets are very, very full.  Just as fun: eating all of the candy out of the eggs in one sitting when mom and dad aren't looking.

We hunted eggs down at the lake with Elle.  The kids tackled the yard pretty fast.
 This is probably the last time we will come to the lake as a family of three.  Crazy.
The weather cooperated just in time for the hunt and then we enjoyed an afternoon downpour:
Back at home, we had a few friends over for an Easter-themed play date with a small hunt.
Our before picture was unsuccessful and the kids were big on pretending their baskets are "helmets":

Peeps + S'mores:
And today, we went out to our club's Easter egg hunt.
I spent most of the afternoon festival in a lawn chair trying to rest during this last pregnant month while Rick chased Palmer thru the bounce house and waited in a 45-minute face-painting line.

Palmer loves to be a tiger when given the opportunity and coupled the painting decision with his new-found love for the color green.  He was a green tiger:
This kid was super fast, took the hunt very seriously, and filled up his basket quite nicely:
Checking out his haul:
It's been so fun to see the joy of the season thru a child's eyes.


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