Thursday, April 24, 2014


Easter is such a fun holiday in our neighborhood, and when the weather is nice like it was this year, it racks up there as possibly my favorite holiday of the year.

It's a holiday that isn't focused on gifts (at least in our family) and centers on community, church, and family.  Plus, a lot of sugar is shared during the day, so that's a point in the win column.

We went to church, which is always a big production both in the pomp and circumstance factor and in the logistics involved with a very big church.  I love the extra instruments that accompany the choir on Easter morning and maybe I'm just hormonal, but the music brought tears to my eyes.

We've made it a family tradition to follow up with brunch at the club.  Apparently, I've also made it a tradition to dress Palmer in the same clothes because I realized I dressed him in the same suit and shoes as last year.  Too bad the suit is on its last legs and a tad too short!

Same place, same suit, same shoes, different year:
And onto our annual neighborhood Easter parade.  Our 'hood doesn't earn the description "eclectic" the easy way.  None other than the great (and Jewish) Kinky Friedman grand-marshalled our Easter parade:
"So, Jesus and Kinky were just walking down the street and..."
Scott Taylor brought back his giant Peep float from last year and upped the ante with a coordinating Easter basket float:
Palmer would've gladly ridden in the basket if he hadn't received just the gift any 3-year-old needs for his birthday: a go-cart from Pops.  Yeah.  Mama is thrilled.  At least I convinced everyone a seat belt was important in the speed trap.
Happy Easter and let me go check on our emergency room health insurance coverage.


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