Thursday, April 9, 2015

Easter 2015

Easter is always a fun holiday in our neck of the woods.  This year, our weekend was especially packed. (What am I talking about- every weekend is especially packed.  Rick will woefully tell you about it...)

Persis and Matt came in town for the first part of the weekend and we had an impromptu backyard party filled with a combination of neighbor friends and college friends.

Miss Olivia LOVES babies and was so helpful putting Grace to bed later in the evening:
The older kids had fun in the bounce house and on the trampoline.
Grace's first Easter egg hunt at the club on Saturday:
Grace found her first few eggs nearby and happily played with them and the basket for the rest of the hunt.
Meanwhile, Palmer was on a tear for as many eggs as possible...
A successful hunt:
Easter Sunday twinkies:
Nana joined us for church and then we did the usual brunch at the club.
 Grace also thinks the boys in the family are so weird:
Aunt Amanda and her boyfriend joined us for brunch.  
And onto the highlight of our Easter weekend: the eclectic annual neighborhood parade.
Kinky Friedman made another appearance as the grand marshall.  (And Jesus, the Easter Bunny, and Santa were also in attendance.)
Despite the drizzle, the crowds were especially large thanks to an area magazine write-up about the event.  I'm sure the people also came out to see these two handsome devils.
On the parade entry form, Palmer was very proud to name the float "Bunnies Hopping in the Go-Cart."
Happy Easter (and please get all of this candy out of my house as fast as possible!!)


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