Thursday, April 23, 2015

Eleven Months with Grace

Happy Eleven Months, sweet girl.  I can't believe we will celebrate a year with you in just another month!

Miss Kitty and Grace:
 Little miss had too much to do during our photo shoot and did not want to sit down.
Eleven-month stats:
Length: 28"
Weight: 18 lbs
Teeth: 2

New Skills:
Improved Communication Grace added "Mama" to her vocabulary this month and is quick to happily say hi to anybody and anything wherever she goes.  She is also working on telling us what she wants. She will yell at me when frustrated in the high chair.  If I ask Grace to sign, do you want "more" or are you "all done", she usually signs her preference (and stops yelling- sheesh).
Ignoring the word NO: I think it's time Grace learned the word NO.  I've been more forceful with her lately about things that are off limits.  Little Grace usually laughs at me or flat-out ignores the command.  I hope this isn't an indicator of her future personality...
Taking Everything Off the Shelves:  Check out our recent visit to the library.  Librarians LOVE us.

*Climbing! This little girl is on a mission to a higher place.  When Grace isn't racing towards the stairs, she likes to spend her time trying to climb anything and everything else.  
*Toppling blocks As you might have seen on the video yesterday, Grace thinks knocking any block stack over is the funniest thing ever.  That's not gonna be so funny when she finds a Lego tower of Mr. Palmer's...

Eating leaves and grass: The weather is so gorgeous this time of year, but being outside has been a bit of a challenge.  Grace is dead-set on putting everything into her mouth, which makes being outside very tiresome and not so fun.  We solved this problem at the golf course the other day by putting Grace in front of a ball tower.  I apologize to the person who built the tower that morning, but eating golf balls sure beats choking on leaves.
Tunnel: We pulled out Palmer's old tunnel and Grace seems to be as fearless as her older brother.  She hurried right on thru without missing a beat and thinks it's so fun to go in the tunnel.
Her Mama: Palmer may be a daddy's boy ("It's just the dudes, mom..."), but Grace loves her mama and is always up for sweet hugs. 
Happy last month before you are one year old!!


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  1. How is Grace almost one?! She is such a beauty - just like her mama!