Monday, April 6, 2015

Tulip Picking Farm

When I learned that the first blooming tulip farm in Texas laid down their roots just an hour north of here, I had to go check it out.  Texas Tulips celebrated their inaugural season and the road trip was so worth it to see the gorgeous and colorful blooms.

I talked my friend Adriane into joining me and we had a morning field trip of happily snapping flower picking photos.

Warning: you are about to endure a ton of photos.
Sweet Cayman and Palmer had a lot to learn about picking the flowers... The entry was free at Texas Tulips, but each picked tulip is $2.50.  Adriane and I about had a heart attack when the big kids starting freely picking already opened tulips right below the flower bud. 

We had to sit them down and have a conversation about finding tulips that are closed (so they can bloom at home) and pick them as close to the ground as possible!
Meanwhile, I had to keep little Grace cooped up in her car or she would go to town eating giant fistfuls of dirt.

 My lil' G:
 "Yo, brother.  You got anything to share?"
Adriane and I also took the kids to a precious sandwich shop downtown called Sweet Water Coffee House.  There was a special area for the older kids to play and eat.  A perfect ending to a great day-trip.


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