Saturday, June 20, 2015

Girls Weekend in DC

Grace and I went up to DC last weekend to visit Aunt Samantha.
Grace's first flight.  (She slept the whole way both there and back.  She *might* have been a tad bit sick on the way up=lethargic=excellent flier.  Oops.)
Palmer was such a good sport about staying home.  I was worried he might be sad not to join, so I warned him about our pending trip a few weeks in advance.  I explained that he just got to go to DC with Gram and PawPaw and now it was Grace's turn.  My four-year-old is amazing.  He was so sweet and focused on wanting to show Grace his DC book with all of the spots and sites that he enjoyed.
I can't say that Grace and I did much sightseeing, though.  This was much more just a visit to see my amazing sister.

Lunch and shopping at the Union Market:
This is likely not a shock to anyone that knows Samantha and me well, but our days pretty much revolved around where we were going to eat.  Grace's days were similar and she often enjoyed an artisan salad on the kitchen island because we didn't have a high chair.  Diva in the making.
Grace didn't know what to do with herself and all of the attention.  She isn't used to everyone being so attentive to her (second child) and was quite clingy during the weekend.  I think we've got a combo of teething (lil' gal STILL has two teeth...since she was 6 months old...) and a nasty and uncomfortable rash due to some allergies she is combatting.
"Ahhhh, this is the LIFE!"
One night, Samantha scheduled a fun evening out at a family-style Thai restaurant with several of her girlfriends.  When our scheduled babysitter canceled last minute, Samantha's friend Maggie's fiancé stepped up to the plate and offered to babysit Grace.  All was well until they went for a walk in the neighborhood.  Poor Dayne locked himself out without his phone.  Luckily, he was able to reach us and mid-dinner sweet Maggie left to go let them back into the house.  Grace was conked out in the stroller as happy as can be when Maggie arrived!  Whoops.  Sorry for ruining your evening, Maggie and Dayne, and thanks for helping out!!
Aunt Samantha is also a certified yoga instructor (in addition to her regular job in the financial world) and taught a class that I was able to attend while in town.  She is so amazing.  I have no idea how she keeps up with talking and correcting people and telling people when to breathe and synchronizing the music and adjusting the lighting as needed.  I was quite impressed.

Aunt Samantha, thank you for being such a gracious and generous hostess.  Meanwhile, PLEASE MOVE BACK.


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