Thursday, June 11, 2015

Palmer's New Friend Johnson

Palmer has a new best friend who is with him 24/7.

No, really.  We've got a "pretend friend" over here named Johnson.

Palmer uses Johnson to validate all sorts of things like, "Can I go outside and skate by myself, mom? Johnson said he is allowed to and he can help me if I have any problems."


When I ask Palmer to come inside and wash his hands before dinner, Palmer says, "I know.  Johnson told me we were going to have to do that."
I've had a hectic month of work and since it coincided with the start of summer and therefore no preschool, we've been pretty creative with the number of places Palmer has been lately for childcare.  I think Johnson helps assure Palmer that all the different places are safe.  ("Have fun at bible school today, Palmer."  "I will, Mom.  Johnson is coming with me.")

One of my work snaps:
I'm so proud of Palmer.  He continues to show his independence and creative thinking.  If Johnson ensures Palmer can tackle anything, welcome to the family, Johnson!


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