Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Grace's First Birthday Party

After weeks (and months) of rain, we got so lucky that Grace's ice cream and pool party was on the first very sunny and gorgeous day in a long time.
Since our little girl already has a sweet tooth (not unlike anyone else in her immediate family, including her diabetic maltipoo), we  I thought an ice cream party would be a perfect way to celebrate and kick off the summer.
 Cupcakes in ice cream cones!
Grace LOVED the water, despite the chilly pool temperature. She had such a smile on her face the whole time.
Palmer was so cute on the morning of Grace's party.  He was, by far, the more excited child about party day and told Grace many, many times how wonderful it was to have a party.  Palmer was also super pumped about the new slide at the pool:
Grace and Aunt Amanda (who share a special birth date!):
Grace's sweet friends Henry and Joy:
Our little walker:
It's smash cake time!  
Ice cream sundaes for the win! (We opted to forego any sort of food known as sustenance in favor of ice cream and cake with a side of lemonade.)

Palmer couldn't have been more pleased:
And so our first year of celebrations end.  Happy birthday, Miss Grace!

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