Monday, March 14, 2016

Crazy Hair

I'm somewhat at a loss with Grace's hair.  I mean, I know I married Rick Jordan and the kids had the possibility of inheriting his curls, but I mean, really...
(And I challenge any of you to get a better photo of the back of squirmy-pants' head!)

I even devoted a whole Dallas Moms Blog post to how I need help.

Grace's hair grows every which way and despite people's advice that the length will help weigh down the curls, the hair is just getting more and more chaotic as it grows longer.
Well, I finally listened to my own advice and took Grace into see a stylist.
I had grand plans of taking cute photos of Grace during her first haircut. I took my "real camera" and everything.  But, behold.  Grace preferred sitting on my lap thru the cut.

And although the stylist was gifted and helpful with Grace's mane, photos are not exactly her specialty...
Shirley Temple's haircut looks pretty cute.


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