Thursday, March 31, 2016

Palmer's Fifth Birthday Campout

With the new wooded area behind our house, Palmer thought it would be fun to have friends over for a birthday campfire.  We figured the kids might have some fun tromping in the trees/creek and embraced the idea.
 Love this photo of Elle with her transformer and boots.
"Boys, I thought the rule was to stay out of the water?"
"We are on the rocks, mom!"
 Party from down below.
We thought a campfire was a great idea, but didn't think thru how hot that fire actually might be if it's 80 degrees outside!
 The moms pulled the short straw of toasting the s'more marshmallows.
Thank you, Matthew, for taking matters into your own hands and toasting your own Peep.
Love this local bakery and their amazing efforts on Palmer's cake:
Palmer ended the night with three little boys and their dads pitching tents on our deck.  The little boys went to bed fairly easily, but the older "boys" stayed up quite a bit later!  I can say the dads kept me up more than Palmer's buddies that night...
Happy birthday, buddy!


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