Thursday, March 24, 2016

Easter Egg Hunting

Even though Easter is still a few days away, we've already packed in a few hunts.

The annual play group party was another success.  Us mommas couldn't believe that we no longer have any babies in the group.  It's a first in our five year journey... (Nice hat, Palmer.  Keeping it classy.)
Palmer was a hoot during the hunt.  He was quick and filled up his basket rapidly.  I heard him tell his friends, "Guys, look.  I have thousands."  The other guys said, "Whoa, Palmer!! That's awesome!"

Meanwhile, Grace found her first egg and promptly sat down to eat it for the rest of the time... 
Sweet, sweet Palmer saw Grace's basket situation and said, "Don't worry.  I'll share some with you, sister."  I die.
 Grace and her gal pals.
At the club hunt, temperatures were a tad chillier than the previous 85 degree day.

With the weather challenges, come spring viruses.  As we were on the way to the hunt, Palmer said he wasn't feeling well.  We knew it was true when he didn't touch a bit of his buffet lunch, nor cookies.  Palmer rarely passes up a meal.
During the hunt, Palmer said, "Mom, will you go get my eggs because I'm too tired for that."
Meanwhile, Grace kept up pretty much the same pace as last time under Gram's guidance. 
She collected a few eggs before sitting down to feast.
 A candy girl after my own heart...

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