Friday, March 11, 2016

Kindergarten Roundup

Last week was Kindergarten Roundup for our nearly five year old.  Palmer was totally unfazed and loved seeing so many of his friends at his "new school".

Meanwhile, I thought I was fine until we stuck him in front of the little Class of 2029 star for a photo op.  Rick looked over at me and was like, "Really?!? Now?!"  haha.
It's going to be great to have the school right around the corner from our new house where we will hope to walk most days and avoid the crazy carpool lines.

And in Grace's world, she is a singing machine at the moment.  Grace is forever singing a constant medley of "Twinkle, twinkle/Happy Birthday/Old McDonald/ABCs"

However, she does not like to perform such songs for the camera.  Every time I put up a camera, she stops.  See exhibit A.  She was all happily singing until she caught me...
Can we say, "Mind of her own?"  Sheesh.


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