Monday, December 19, 2016

Our Own Little Elf

Not only is Grace into receiving presents this year, but she also got caught red handed yesterday "wrapping presents".  I was out of town and Rick put her down for what he thought was a nap.

After a period of time, he went upstairs and realized that Grace was freely roaming the place.  He asked Grace what she was up to and she said, "wrapping presents..."

Little gal found my closet stash of all of the presents.  At this point in the season, most presents are wrapped.  She pulled out about six different small presents, unrolled all of the wrapping paper, had a field day with the scotch tape and ribbon, and tried to take the large rolls and wrap them around the smaller presents.
When I got home last night and saw the level to which she had helped herself, I couldn't help but laugh.

However, this morning I found one more piece of evidence: I didn't wrap a red reindeer lovey because I plan to put it at the top of Grace's stocking unwrapped so that it sticks out.  When I was making her bed this morning, what did I find? A red reindeer lovey in her bed chilling out with the other loveys.

That girl...


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