Friday, December 16, 2016

The Sites and Smells of Christmas...

We are in full-Christmas mode around here.
Last year, our old house was on the market and we were guided to keep Christmas decorating to a minimum.  I quickly learned last year that Christmas decorating makes me very happy and was a little sad about the scaled-down version.  Not this year.  Samantha is visiting us for the month and thinks I am a little crazy with the efforts of real garland and real wreaths and all of the extra decor.  But, whatever.  We are making family memories and embracing the season head-on.

"Happy Holla Dayz"

One of my favorite childhood memories is celebrating Advent Sundays with a little Christmas story, lighting of the candles, and exchanging of small presents.  
Grace is getting into the present idea this year! When I asked her to whom she wanted to give a present, she kept saying, "Grace!" (We'll keep working on her...)
The season is so fun with many activities and of our neighbors had the kids over for "Reindeer Games".  We cracked up over the activity below.  Genius and I was sad to learn we had to unwrap the kids when it was over.
Christmas cookie baking with family:
As you can see by Grace's face, she was a tad more into the eating of the cookie, than the decorating of the cookie...
Meanwhile, Palmer is still learning about his sprinkle to cookie ratios...
 Nana reading at Palmer's school:
One week left in this wonderful season of fun...


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