Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Crafts and Cooking

In addition to preparing for the baby's arrival, I've also been putting some final decorating touches on the house before our neighborhood's home tour.

The good news: We have been selected to be part of the tour. The bad news: The tour is a month after our anticipated birth. Am I crazy? Probably. But, I've been somewhat convinced that being on the tour with a newborn is easier than trying to keep the house clean with a 2 year old in a couple of years.

So...I wanted to share a little craft project I did the other day. I saw this old stack of books for sale at Restoration Hardware for $29.

Almost thirty dollars for a stack of books seemed a little steep. But, after visiting the trusty thrift shop down the street, I found some similar looking old books for $1 a book. After ripping off the covers and tying with some twine that I had around the house, I got a very comparable stack for a mere $3.
Note: My apologies in advance to the Baptists. I'm sorry I tore the cover off of a Baptist Hymnal, but the shape and size and look of the book was just too perfect for my needs. :)

And in the world of food....

I've been going out to eat a lot lately, probably due to impending home confinement. But, there are a few yummy recipes we've had in the last week that I want to make sure and share:

STUFFED POBLANO PEPPERS: The fire roasted peppers really pack in some flavor minus the heat when you remove all of the seeds and stems. This recipe stuffs the peppers with chicken, brown rice, tomatoes and cilantro.

LEMON GINGER CHEESECAKE: What started out as a way to use my co-op bin lemons, became a great dessert that I will surely try again. The tang of the lemon and ginger really compliment each other and the ginger snap crust is a keeper.


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