Saturday, March 26, 2011

Our Last/First Day

The strange thing about a scheduled birth is you know that everything you do is "the last before the baby".

On our last day, I laid low and rested while Rick took advantage of a rare Thursday afternoon on the golf course. Then, we had a spectacular "last supper" at the new hit restaurant, Lucia. Reservations are impossible to come by, but when I asked the owner if we could celebrate our last night as a family of two, she graciously put me on a waiting list with a "big star" next to my name. Miraculously, an opening became available and it was ours.
On the morning of Palmer's birthday, we enjoyed the last moments with nervous excitement. Note the countdown on the chalkboard wall behind us now reads "0 weeks to meet you!"
(And no, we didn't mean to match. haha)
Poor Boston has no idea he won't be our only "child" in a few days...
Meet Palmer Thomas Jordan. Our big boy weighed in at 8 lb, 9 oz and is 19.5 inches long. (My doctor said, "Well, he was bigger than I thought and I bet we would have done a c-section anyway." haha)
Our new family.
Welcome to the world, Baby Palmer.
We weren't 100% certain of Palmer's name choice until we met him, but always knew it was a leading contender. I went ahead and had a onesie monogrammed just in case we went with "Palmer" in the end. After our son was born, Rick went out to family in the waiting room and unrolled the onesie to announce Palmer's arrival.
My niece Elle met her first and only cousin. Palmer is the second grandchild on Rick's side of the family and the first on my side.
First bath given by daddy.
While my legs were still numb from surgery, Elle fell asleep at the foot of my bed. She napped there for two hours, which worked out perfect since I wasn't going anywhere. :)
Rick and Uncle Luke pulled the short straw for Palmer's first poopy diaper. For those of you that might not know, that first dirty diaper is large, has the consistency of black tar, and is very hard to clean. The guys handled it like champs (and used an entire package of wipes to do it). :)
A peaceful ending to a long and busy first day:

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  1. He is so perfect! Congratulations to your new family of 3!!