Saturday, March 5, 2011

Last Sonogram

I had my last sonogram yesterday and was really hoping to post pictures for you all. Unfortunately, Francois was snoozing and had no plans to show his face to the world. He showed us his back side and we caught a few glimpses of his hands and feet.

Everything continues to be healthy and on track. The sonogram technician estimates that he is a big boy already at 6 lb, 12 oz. We also learned that it looks like he has hair on his head.

If nature does not intervene first, we are scheduled to go to the hospital on March 28th, three fast weeks from Monday. It will be here very soon, I am sure.

Happy weekend.


  1. Hi Bethany!
    Ashleigh shared your blog with me! So cute! Can't believe your little one will be here in just three short weeks!
    I'll have to send you the link to our blog!
    Love the nursery pictures! So precious and ready for a sweet baby boy!

  2. Bethany I can't wait to meet the little one! Just think of how many amazing babysitters you'll have on call! Best to you and Rick!

  3. Bethany,
    It's great that everything looks on track with the baby! This post reminded me of my last sonogram - we were also told that the baby had hair. Well, that message got passed around the family until reaching Scott's 89 year old grandmother who assumed that meant the baby had been born. It's amazing all you can see on the sonogram.
    Can't wait to hear that your baby is on the outside ;-)


  4. Krista,

    haha. That's hilarious. It's amazing what you can learn with sonograms these days. A lot of people have warned me that the weight measurement can often be off, so we'll see if he is the big boy that we are anticipating.

    Just over one more week!!