Friday, August 5, 2011

Enough is Enough

Mirror, mirror, on the wall bed... please please make it be Fall send me to Alaska instead...

I've avoided complaining too much about the weather because a. it's summer and b. it's Texas.  So, you kinda know what to expect around July/August and just have to suck it up.

But...this is absolutely absolutely out of control.  Some facts for you: today is the 35th consecutive day over 100 degrees.  The record is 42 consecutive days over 100 set in 1980.  (My mom/mother-in-law and many of her friends are going to want to tell you about how they were all pregnant during that summer.  Insert smile and nod.)  Next Saturday, I have no doubt we will break the record with a 43rd day over 100 degrees.

Next fact: Dallas has broken record highs all week with a peak at one hundred and friggin ten degrees.

And look what's on the horizon:
Can't. Wait.

So, what's a mom supposed to do with her four month old (who isn't even old enough to wear sunscreen yet)?

We go WT-style, surround ourselves with friends, and get in the backyard kiddie pool.
Side note: I put some white wine in the freezer to quickly chill for the occasion.  Needless to say, I forgot about it and had a wine explosion at some point overnight.  Perfect.

WHAT'S FOR DINNER (to go with that exploded wine):
HONEY-JALAPENO GLAZED PORK:  This dish is super easy- you just mix the ingredients for the glaze, throw them into a bag with the pork for about a day, and then bake the meat.  Rick loved how spicy the meat tasted, but you can cut the peppers back (read: you Yankees that read my blog) as you see fit. Honey-Jalapeno Glazed Pork

TOMATO-AND-ASPARAGUS GNOCCHI:  I made this as a side for the pork tenderloin.  I served it cold, but for those of you joining us from Alaska, it would be tasty hot, too.  Tomato-And-Asparagus Gnocchi

Also, if you are curious about the produce co-op that I regularly mention, here is a good read on the concept.

Parting shot of Mr. P (stuck in the pillows while I made the bed this morning):



  1. Ha ha, what a cute pic! I sympathize with your frustration of the heat! I had to pack a truck in it! Good luck staying cool!

  2. Thanks for the Yankee shout out! :)