Monday, August 1, 2011

First Plane Ride

I'm a seasoned traveler.  There was a point in my career when I got on a plane almost every day for over a year.  Needless to say, I have definitely been known to stereo-type people in the security lines and when making seat selection.  In the past, I would quickly pick a different security line if I saw young children and I would avoid sitting next to a baby on the plane at all costs.
Now the tables are turned.  On Saturday, people refused to make eye contact with me and avoided sitting next to us.  Palmer and I braved the skies and flew to Houston (and back in the same day) for my dear friend Persis' baby shower.  I was very nervous, but sweet Palmer curiously looked out the window for a little while and then slept the rest of the flight.  On the way back, Palmer fell asleep during boarding and didn't wake again until we landed.  He didn't make a peep on either leg.
Whew.  First flight crisis avoided.

Palmer at the baby shower:


  1. Hey Bethany, had so much fun reading your blog (and meeting you in person this weekend at P's shower). Almost inspired me to start one, but then I remembered I can barely keep up with emails, let alone something I actually have to WRITE! Palmer's an absolute sweetie! Congratulations on such an awesome baby boy - and being such a laidback first-time mom. You guys are awesome together! ~Kate P.S. We gotta get together next time you're in town. Palmer and Aminah can be buds.

  2. You are so sweet, Kate. Thanks. Yes, Palmer would love to meet Aminah one day! He loved Sophia!

  3. A friend of my, Kim Jenkins, published a book on Amazon that walk a child through their first plane trip with real photos and simple text. If you are interested I can ask her to send you a free copy of the PDF or Kindle Version. You can find the book here: