Monday, August 29, 2011

First Day of "School"

I packed Palmer up this morning for his first day of "school".
I know, I know.  He's only 5 months old and not technically old enough really to call it school just yet.  But, I find it confusing to call the same place "childcare" one year and then "preschool" a mere year later.  To Palmer, it's all the same thing since he will be  getting in the car and going to the same place for the next few years (at least that is the current plan).

So, school it is.  I hope Palmer learns more exciting things than his current favorite hobby: eating his hands....
Palmer had a fabulous two months at home with Aunt Samantha, but Samantha has wrapped up her CPA exams and is ready to start her first "real" job with an accounting firm next week.  And Palmer's new fall class of 5 infants kicked off this morning.

Mommy saying good bye (and you would be so proud, no tears!):
 Palmer immediately got settled in with the new toys:
And mommy went straight to the "glamorous" world of television.  Today's topic: hurricane preparedness.  How appropriate.

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