Saturday, August 13, 2011

Time Flies When You Are Having Fun

by Aunt Samantha

This phrase could not be more true.  I've been watching Palmer during the day and I can't believe we only have two short weeks left!

Here's what we've been up to:
We take lots of trips to the mall.  Since it has been so hot outside, the mall is a great place for Palmer to get some stimulation in the nice air conditioning.  Sometimes we go to the children's library "Baby Bounce" class (located at the mall):
Once, we went to see a playhouse that our friend Scott (the architect) designed for charity.
And sometimes we just do a little shopping for Aunt Samantha! :)

We also like to visit my apartment, where we play with Bendel...
...or have tummy time in front of the huge window.  Palmer loves to watch all of the activity outside....
...and is still obsessed with the mirror:
Palmer has discovered the video monitor near his crib during nap time.  I swear, he can tell when I'm spying on him!
We've been on walks, lunch dates, and the pool.  We've spent so much time together lately that we even showed up wearing the same outfit one morning!
And even though this happens sometimes...
I'm not ready for our all-day playdates to come to an end!
-Aunt Samantha

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