Saturday, June 16, 2012

Berry Picking

Growing up, I always read about characters in books that went "berry picking".  Until recently, I didn't realize this was something that you could actually do in Texas.

Ham's Orchard is known for their peaches and more importantly, their peach ice cream.
The little market store is adorable with all of the canned summer goodness.

But, back behind the store is the "Berry Patch" where you can pick your very own blackberries.
Unfortunately, we chose the end of a holiday weekend to take a stab at blackberry picking.  By that point, all of the black berries were off the vine and only the red ones were left (which I learned do not turn black if picked early).
Still, we had fun wandering around the vines and enjoying the nice summer afternoon.
And Palmer enjoyed our whopping collection of 12 blackberries for an afternoon snack.

My love language is highly caloric treats.  (So, if I make you a salad, be worried about our friendship...) Father's Day and my sister's birthday are a two-for this year, so I busted out all the stops.  I made Samantha a very very bad for you dessert and I am making Rick a breakfast he is sure to love in the morning.

PRETZEL-PEANUT-BUTTER-BROWNIES:  First you take pretzels and crush them into a buttery pretzel crust.  Then, you top that crust with peanut butter cookie dough.  Then, you top that dough with Reese's peanut butter cups.  Go ahead and throw on some brownie batter while you are at it.  Tada!  Samantha's Birthday Dessert

CINNAMON BISCUITS: Rick loves cinnamon rolls, so I am planning on putting this together for his big Father's Day breakfast.  By the way, I already opened the cinnamon chips and whew are they good!  I might need to keep a special stash of those on hand, just in case. Gooey Cinnamon Biscuits
Update: OMG.  Make these now.  This might be one of the best things that has hit my breakfast stomach.


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