Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

If I were to describe an idyllic Americana Memorial Day weekend, it would probably look very similar to our 2012 ringing in of summer.  We hit the pool, the golf course, the lake and went berry picking.  We ate burgers, BBQ, cobbler, peach ice cream and corn on the cob.

Cue America The Beautiful here.

Our club pool opened on Saturday and we were ready to put that month of swimming lessons to the real test.  I was happy to see Palmer have a sense of fear of the water- not in a bad way, but in a safe way.  In the kiddie pool, he was sure to hold onto the side of the pool or my hand as he walked around.
Then, we headed out to the lake with Rick's family.

Rick got some crazy idea to buy a golf cart for the lakehouse.  I have no idea why we need this, but Palmer had a blast riding around with anyone who would drive him.  Once during the weekend, I couldn't find Palmer and sure enough, he had climbed into the golf cart and was patiently waiting for someone to drive him. 
Palmer couldn't get enough of GG's spaghetti.  I made sure he sat on the back porch for this endeavor.  Can you tell why?
Wait, who is that?
 "Ahh, that's MY DADDY riding by on the jet ski!"
 "Look how excited I get when he drives by..."
Elle and Palmer had some bonding time in the kiddie pool the bath we gave them after their messy spaghetti dinner.  Yes, we will be sure to show these at all of their momentous occasions in the years ranging from 2027 to 2041.
What a wonderful weekend and a great kickoff to summer. Here's to hoping that the summer of 2012 won't be as hot as the summer of 2011.

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