Thursday, June 21, 2012

One Hailacious Storm

Here in Texas, we are used to some crazy weather, but little prepared many of my neighbors for last week's storm.

Palmer and I were driving home from playgroup when out of nowhere golf and baseball-sized chunks of ice starting falling from the ground.  With the covered spots on the road quickly taken, I jumped the curb at a nearby elementary school and settled under a tree for some shelter.

The large hail dropped for well over 30 minutes.  And I stayed under that tree until things died down.

Meanwhile, Rick was feeling under the weather and worked from home that day.  I had him on the phone when the hail began and he quickly told me about our home windows breaking right and left.

When the hail stopped, we quickly realized that mother nature had won this battle.  Rick's car was completely totaled, my car was kept to $5000 in damage (thanks to the safety of that dear tree), and our house needs a new roof, new exterior paint, new deck pergola, repairs to the deck and fence, and 6 new windows.

 The storm wreaked terrible havoc on the trees.  This is our deck, completely covered by limbs and leaves:

It seems my neighborhood was one of the hardest hit in the area.  Every home in the vicinity is getting a new roof and most neighbors have at least one car that is a complete loss.
And make sure to check out my national news appearance.  You would think that a TV producer like myself would be more eloquent with her words.  Nope, people.  I KNOW what gets you on TV.  You gotta describe what the storm sounds like.  Enjoy.
Hail Storm on World News Tonight

We are very grateful to come out of this unharmed, especially after we saw the damage done to Rick's car.  Thank goodness for that tree that sheltered Palmer and me.


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