Friday, June 1, 2012

Crafty Aunt Samantha

In case I haven't mentioned, my sister is living with us for the summer.  She is transferring to DC in August with her current job and her lease expired in May. 
After careful thought of kicking her to the curb during her 3.5 homeless months, we decided it would be more worthwhile to let her live with us in exchange for free babysitting and batches of her killer oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.  Several pounds later, we are ready for her to leave still eating our way thru her visit.

Last summer, Samantha scored this rundown chair on the curb during my neighborhood bulk trash week. 
She stored it in my garage for far too long and finally decided to get her butt in gear and make good on her big plans to flip the chair.

After a can of spray paint, a new swatch of fabric, and 4 screws, check out the result:

Nice job, Samantha.  That will be a great desk chair for your new posh Georgetown digs.

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