Thursday, July 26, 2012


Why did I have a kid?  So, that I could get some help around this house, of course.  Get ‘em grown and get some help, that’s my motto.

So, now that Palmer is old enough to aimlessly wander the house, I’ve been putting the guy to work.  Toys?  We don’t need toys around this house.  We are a working lot, ya know.

What are Palmer’s new chores?

1.  Feed Boston.  Palmer has had an almost life-long fascination with Boston’s dog food.  So, I’ve recently had Palmer help me fill Boston’s water and food bowls.  I hope it reinforces the message that “this ain’t your grub”.

2    2.  Close the door when you come in.  He can’t open the door yet, but Palmer will follow requests to shut the door.  I look forward to Palmer opening the door one day because then I can also request that he let Boston outside.  Fun times are in store!  We Jordans know how to live on the edge. 

3   3.  Carry your own stuff.  Listen child, it’s not my fault you can’t control your own bio movements.  So, if you need a diaper and wipes (and a snack, water, sunglasses, sunblock, kids spoon/fork, bubbles for distraction, and hand sanitizer), you gotta carry it yourself.  So, take this little backpack and off you go.  
     By the way, Palmer is so proud to carry his backpack.  He gets very excited and holds out his arms when he sees the bag and puffs out his chest when he walks with it.  Sometimes the weight of the bag pulls Palmer a little off balance.  But, how are you going to learn some balance if you don’t just dive in?
-    -Bethany

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