Thursday, July 5, 2012

Fifteen Months

Once Palmer reached the age of one year, I decided not to do monthly updates.  But, since I have new stats fresh from the pediatrician's office, I'm going to go ahead and do a status check. (I admit, it's probably more for my memory bank's sake, than yours).

Height: 33 inches, 93rd percentile
Weight: 26 lb, 12 oz, 75th percentile
Head: 46.5 cm, 38th percentile
Number of Teeth: 8.5 (and that .5 is one nasty sonofagun molar)

TALKING:  Palmer is coming up with new words every day.  And when he isn't saying specific words (at least that I can tell), he carries on like this:
SPRINKLER HOSES AND THE LIKE: It's warm outside and Palmer has embraced all things water related...kiddie pools, big pools, sprinklers and sprinkler hoses, splash parks, etc.  He's getting quite brave at the pool and enjoys walking all the way across the kiddie pool without assistance.
SHOES: As mentioned, Palmer is becoming quite the chatty guy and one of my favorite words to hear is "shoe".  There's something about the way he says it that is so cute.  Now, sometimes he gets "shoe" and "choo choo" mixed up.  I had never thought about the resemblance until he misspoke.  Anyway, Palmer LOVES shoes.  When I'm still hanging in bed in the morning, Palmer often goes to my closet and brings a good half a dozen shoes to me.  Luckily, he also tolerates his own shoes and is willing to keep a shoe on all day.  

EXPLORING:  Thankfully, Palmer doesn't need many toys.  He makes his own fun by always exploring his surroundings.  Palmer is brave and confident and has no fear to go off and check out everything he sees.
Every day is a new adventure with this guy!


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