Monday, July 23, 2012

Five Things

favorite blogger of mine does a weekly series called "Five Things" where she features five miscellaneous thoughts and ideas on her mind.  Although I don't plan to weekly feature my five things list.  Here's a random sampling of five things from the Jordan household.

1.  Palmer's books came to life when we stopped by a local firehouse over the weekend.  Palmer was pretty wide-eyed to see a real fire engine and fire man.  (I swear he wasn't as bored as he looks in this picture.)
2.  Palmer understands the concept of smiling for pictures now.  (Although that doesn't guarantee he will actually look up and smile!)
3.  Little man needs some hair product.  The fro is no longer contained with a splash of water.  With the Texas humidity, Palmer's hair gives new meaning to the Dallas big hair stereotype.
4.  It's raining zucchini and squash and okra over here.  Check out my dad's latest zucchini from the garden:
In an attempt to rid the plethora of okra, my sister and I made a delicious spicy gumbo over the weekend.  (Note: this recipe is vegetarian, but I added sausage and chicken.)

5.  Aunt Adrienne is in town from the Middle East for a visit.  We love foreign presents like this Omani national outfit!

6.  (I know, I said 5.  But, I got a lot on my mind today.  Amen.)
My son can beat your son on a scooter.  Well, maybe not quite.  But, this guy is getting really fast on the scooter.

Happy summer!

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