Thursday, July 19, 2012

Golf Carts

Many little boys have a fascination with trucks and construction vehicles.  Staying true to gender stereotypes, Palmer is also interested in motorized vehicles.  But more specifically, Mr. Palmer has a new interest and thus a new word: GOLF CART.  It all started with Palmer’s school teacher telling me that he really likes a little book about trucks and asks her to read it over and over.  So, imagine Palmer’s delight when I pulled a book off of the shelf called “First 100 Machines”. 
The same little boy that seemingly never sits still immediately sat down and animatedly flipped the pages and said, “ga ca, ga ca, ga ca”.  Hmmm.  What does “ga ca” mean?  It took me a day to realize that he was looking for and calling other machines “golf carts”.  Rick did a quick google image search of golf carts on his phone and boy was Palmer ecstatic to see tons of pictures of golf carts.  

“Ga ca! Ga ca! Ga ca!”  

Haha.  We might have to bring that silly golf cart we bought for the lake to our house so that he can do neighborhood drives.
I also chuckle when we are in a Target parking lot or somewhere of the like and a security officer drives by in a golf cart.  Palmer usually spots those golf carts from way across the parking lot.
 What a funny little boy.



  1. For Davis' birthday my brother and SIL gave him a motorized golf cart. Just like this one:
    but in white....he LOVES it.