Saturday, June 8, 2013

My Fearless Fish

Meet my best friend, The Puddle Jumper.  This thing is gonna make a momma's summer life so good, I can already tell.  The floatie is a game changer because Palmer can learn to maneuver and balance upright in the water and it uniquely positions his body so that he can kick and easily get around.
Palmer has learned his boundaries at our club pool and is happy to play on his own with the Puddle Jumper on.  The floatie combined with spring swimming lessons has given him the confidence to paddle in the water and splash around on his own.  
 Palmer was tickled by Rick's goggles and wanted to try out his own.
 Monkey see, monkey do.
This summer is going to involve less holding of Palmer in the water and more letting go to let him play as he wishes.

Jumping into the water is a new fun activity and Palmer quickly graduated from jumping off of the side of the kiddie pool to jumping off of the side of the main pool to the jumping off of the diving board after watching some big 7-yr-old boys jumping.  Check out the video.

I'm absolutely terrified by this fearless boy.  As I say regularly, I envision many ER trips in our future.  I cringe, I cringe.

When not swimming, Palmer is sure to keep a tab on all of the landscaping and quick to turn anything into a leaf blower.  A stick or a pool noodle is always sure to make a good leaf blower.  In fact, I believe Palmer turned a crayon into a leaf blower at a restaurant the other day.
Whoa- double take.  Look at Palmer's new friend in the kiddie pool...
Now, that's uncanny.

Happy summer, friends.


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