Thursday, June 13, 2013

Cabin in the Woods

Earlier this year, Rick and I explored Beavers Bend, Oklahoma and vowed to come back during the summer when we could do all of the summer activities.
With Rick's family in tow, we rented a cabin in the woods for some good ole fashioned summer fun.
The wooded scenery is so peaceful and such a break from our daily urban life.  There is just something about sitting on a porch drinking coffee in the woods that brings serenity to your life.
And there's just something about little boys tromping thru the woods.
(Big boys like to tromp thru the woods, too...)
Palmer was beyond excited when he saw that his cousin Elle brought boots, too.  "Elle!! You have boots?!?  My boots are right here! (Palmer points to his feet)"
Beavers Bend is one of those places oozing in nostalgia and brimming with the creation of childhood memories for little ones.

We enjoyed fishing and boating.
 Amanda and Elle:
There is an adorable train and equestrian center that the kids just loved.
And who can resist climbing on an old tractor.  Yes, we are city folks.  Is it that obvious??
I love Palmer's expression here.  He takes his driving serious.
Of course, Palmer spotted the closest "golf course" in site.
We had such a special time with Rick's family and look forward to going again in the future.
 By the way, we loved our cabin. If you are interested in visiting Beavers Bend, check out the Cross Timbers cabin.  It was perfect for our stay.
And yes, I may have gotten a little snap-happy over the weekend with all of the gorgeous scenery.  Rick's mom was so funny to shoot me taking pictures.  Sometimes I'm bad about not getting in front of the camera, so here I am from behind!

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