Monday, June 17, 2013

Vacation Snacks

When on vacation, eat like it.  That's my motto.

While at Beavers Bend, we enjoyed some sweet treats.
First, the kids helped make popcorn balls in ice cream cones.
I learned that we need to make sure and remove the popcorn seeds first, but nevertheless it was a fun afternoon activity.

Elle and Amanda:
Amanda and me:
 "Mom, stop making me take pictures and let me eat my popcorn cone."
Every cabin in the woods needs s'mores.
But, do we need a campfire?  Nah.  We have a grill.  And Williams and Sonoma skewers.  Yeah, we sure know how to rough it.
Traditional s'mores or fresh off the grill...either way, they are messy.

After the sugar rush, we needed a "healthy" snack option.  I'm obsessed with this cookie dough dip I found on Pinterest recently.  I toyed with a healthy cookie dough recipe and a non-healthy cookie dough recipe. I was thrilled that the healthy one was a winner and never went down the cream cheese and powdered sugar road.
We left the cabin happy and full.


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