Thursday, June 27, 2013

Pudding Paint Party

My super creative neighbor and friend, Cydni, had us over recently for a pudding paint party.
The "paint" (made by simply adding food coloring to vanilla pudding) was safe enough for Cydni's precious 1-yr-old to eat.

We enjoyed letting the kids spread out on the back deck with their masterpieces.
I think Palmer does a lot of footprint crafts at school because he was inclined to paint his feet and put his feet on the paper more often than using the brush to paint the paper.
The finished product (before we left it in the yard to dry and the dog ate it.  True story.):
"Whew, that was hard work, Mom.  I need to go cool off in Miss Cydni's pool"
Meanwhile, sweet Charlotte had a longer attention span and continued hard at work.
How can you resist this adorable-ness??
Thanks, Cydni and Charlotte, for having us over!

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