Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Daredevil Inspiration

Palmer and I are spending a few weeks in Park City, Utah with our friends Cydni and Charlotte.

Today, we visited the Olympic Park training center where many of the winter Olympic athletes train.  (This site hosted the 2002 SLC Olympc luge, skeleton, bobsled, ski jumping and nordic combined events.)

Palmer needs absolutely no prodding to try new experiences, so you can only imagine his enthusiasm when we watched teen Olympic hopeful freestyle aerialists practice their jumps in the summer training pool.
 Palmer said, "Mommy, I want to do that!"  Ski lessons first, little buddy.
Cydni was such a sport for letting us do touristy things and confessed that she had never watched the athletes practice despite living in Utah for so much of her life.
Me and my boy:
To further put "bad" ideas into my little man's head, there is a dirt bike park down the street from the home where we are staying.
 Again, Palmer was incredibly interested in the "big boys" and liked watching their jumps.
 You can see the wheels turning in this brain.
My little daredevil loves the outdoor spirit of Utah.  (And I love the weather is in the 50s-80s in August!)

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