Friday, August 23, 2013

Stories To Remember

Too often, I rely on photos to give this blog momentum.

Lately, I've had a few stories that I want to make sure and remember when Palmer is older:

We potty-trained Palmer last month and have had many conversations about why it is okay for Boston to go outside but people need to go inside and use the potty. Nevertheless, Palmer has regular interest in peeing on objects that are not white, ceramic or cylinder.

Meanwhile, Palmer loves to jump off the diving board at our club pool and also loves a crowd of attention.
One day, Palmer noticed some people were watching him go off the diving board.  Ever the ham, Palmer started goofing off and pretending like he was going to jump and then didn't.  His stalling and "entertaining" got to the point where the entire pool was chanting, "jump, jump, jump!".  Palmer would bounce to the chant, fake jump, and then end with a yoga move of a "downward dog" on the diving board.  On his last pretend attempt to jump, he entertained the crowd (still chanting, mind you) with pulling down his pants and acting like he was going to pee on the diving board.

Insert angry mother who swiftly pulled him from the diving board and put him in "time out".  (Yes, we have a time out spot at the pool.  He visits it at least once a pool trip.)

The next time we went to the pool, Palmer told me that "we do not pee on the diving board or we go to time out".  Yep, that's right.

Palmer thinks that all red objects are a fire truck.  For example, he is thrilled to get in the red "fire truck" carts at Target and Trader Joes.  He also was thrilled last night when he sat in a red "fire truck" booster at a restaurant.

So, what did I do to incentivize the two year old to throw away a piece of trash? "Palmer, do you see that fire truck trash can? Will you please throw this trash in it?"  Boy, was he excited to help.

This momma right here, she's kinda brilliant.

We've gone to the club pool often this summer.  Often enough for the staff to remember Palmer's face and corresponding member number.  Also, often enough for Palmer to watch in amazement as bigger kids go up to the snack window and order treats on their own.  Specifically, ice cream.

So, imagine my shock as I watched the other day when Palmer and his buddy Charlie stood by the snack window and together schemed about ordering ice cream.  Then, they walked up to the counter and said, "we want ice cream, please".
These two boys were beyond proud of themselves when they walked away with two ice cream sandwiches without discussing the purchase with their parents first.
As Rick put it, it's not going to be our last club bill audit.


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