Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Down By The Train Station...

As many young boys are, Palmer is obsessed with all things transportation.  Trains are no exception.

So, imagine Palmer's utter delight when we went on a field trip to a real train station (aka the city's light rail).  Our destination: downtown to visit Rick for lunch.
Palmer was torn on the day's biggest highlight: either the very tall escalator (notice the train ticket in his hand)...
...or looking outside the window at all of his other Thomas the Train friends.  He kept exclaiming, "There's Gordon! There's Emily! Hi, guys! I'm riding in Thomas!"
When we got to Rick's office, Palmer told everyone that he "had a choo choo ride on choo choo tracks downtown with an escalator".

Palmer was so excited to see his daddy for lunch.
Palmer is sitting with me as I write this post and told me to write that he "didn't lose the train ticket".  He also told me to write, "I was happy to see my daddy."

Oh, one more comment from the helper in my lap, "I'm drinking milk in that picture with daddy."

Thanks for the help writing this, Palmer.  What a fun outing!


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