Thursday, August 1, 2013

We Have A Swimmer!!

This summer has been such a fun season with lots and lots of pool time.  As I've mentioned before, the Puddle Jumper floatie has been a life saver for us (both literally and figuratively).

Lately, Rick and I wondered if Palmer might be ready to lose the Puddle Jumper and swim on his own.  After trying to teach the kid ourselves, we brought in an expert and signed Palmer up for a private lesson.

Later in the week, I asked Palmer to show me what his swim teacher taught him.  Imagine my surprise when he said, "I swim underwater," and then launched himself at me.
I'm so proud of his feat and (as usual) cringe at his fearlessness.  We've already had many many conversations about his need to alert us before he swims with a, "Mommy/Daddy, are you ready?"

Take a look:
The swim teacher told me it's unlikely Palmer will learn the skill of how to come up for air at this age, so we are still keeping a very close eye on his swimming!

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